Why Mitsubishi Air Conditioners Are A Great Choice for Offices

Mitsubishi Air Con units

Mitsubishi electric air conditioners are known to deliver in terms of quality and efficiency, and here’s why.

With Mitsubishi Electric’s mission to create the best quality cooling and heating products, it’s no surprise that Mitsubishi electric air conditioners are gaining huge recognition around the world. This is especially true in offices where proper temperatures need to be maintained. A Mitsubishi aircon may very well be the right solution for your office. Here are a few reasons why you may wish to consider a Mitsubishi electric air conditioner.

Ending Office Fights With Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioners

Studies conducted over the last few years have discovered that office temperatures can affect productivity at work. In fact, one study found that one in five employees have argued with a colleague over the aircon remote controller and 18% of the workers surveyed have admitted to secretly changing the temperature to fit their liking. But with the Mitsubishi electric air conditioners MSZ-LN series, this doesn’t need to be an issue.

The New Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioners Helps Find the Right Temperature

As expected from Mitsubishi Electric, the new Mitsubishi electric air conditioners are equipped with the latest innovations in cooling. Each MSZ-LN Mitsubishi aircon has cooling capacities of up to 6.1kw and is designed for optimum cost performance and energy efficiency. It has a double flat feature that helps direct airflow and has a sensor that detects the presence of people in a room based on body heat. The i-see sensor of Mitsubishi electric air conditioners monitors the occupants in a room, adjusts to their position and evaluates body temperature to increase or decrease its cooling effect.

According to Hiraoki Ashizawa, the Managing Director of Mitsubishi Electric Malaysia: “Its infrared ray sensor will automatically analyze a room’s temperature profile to determine the occupant’s position based on their heat signatures, and the perfect amount of heating or cooling can then be customised based on preference.”

The New Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioners Are Stylish

Mitsubishi Electric also pulled all the stops in designing its new MSZ-LN line of Mitsubishi electric air conditioners. These indoor Mitsubishi aircon units come in three colours—pearl white, onyx black and ruby red—all of which are perfect for any office space. They also come with matching room controllers for added style. These Mitsubishi electric air conditioners were designed using Replace technology and you can utilise your existing pipework to cut costs when installing them in your office. You can also expect for these Mitsubishi electric air conditioners to be as pleasant as possible with noise levels of only 19dBA, which is lower than the sound of a whisper.

Mitsubishi Electric also designed the MSZ-LN series of Mitsubishi electric air conditioners to require lesser maintenance. With a Plasma Quad Plus Filter, each Mitsubishi aircon unit can easily get rid of microscopic particles and it also has a dual-barrier coating to prevent dust and grease accumulation. A Mitsubishi electric air conditioner aims to deliver more efficiency and lower energy loss.

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