We all like to see fresh milk in the supermarkets and it is only thanks to our farming and agricultural workers that we have it.

Life on the farm never stops and the cows can’t wait when they need to be milked.

Cutts Refrigeration are here to help keep all your refrigerated equipment working and we work hard to help keep everybody in the food production line operational.

For all types of HVAC, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Ventilation systems for Farmers, Butchers and Take Away businesses across Shropshire, Mid Wales & the West Midlands.

We help you keep dairy products and meat produce chilled until it’s needed. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs for now and your future . Thanks for your continued support.

Cutts Refrigeration Ltd for all your Commercial Fridge and Air Conditioning needs along with Milk Tanks, Cold Rooms Fluid Chillers and Refrigerated Trailers.

Tel: 01743 718 871 or go online: https://www.cuttsrefrigeration.com/

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