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Saving Electricity Saves Money – Our new Heat Recovery System!

Recovering heat from the refrigeration process…

Fabdec have pioneered heat transfer technology in stainless

steel since 1960, producing vessels for all industries

in our UK manufacturing facility.

Every refrigeration system is effectively a heat pump.

The refrigerant changes state during the cooling process

and the compressor creates an excess of waste heat,

which is rejected into the atmosphere.

The goal of heat recovery is to capture this waste heat and

convert it into free hot water.

SPAR-HEAT – Overview

• 130L – 3000L range

• Multiple heat exchanger coil options

• Durable duplex stainless steel

• Little maintenance as without moving parts

• Market leading insulation with CFC-free polyurethane foam

• Safe potable water protection thanks to secure double wall

heat exchange

• Hygienic scratch resistant plastisol cladding

• Immersion bosses for boosting water temperature

SPAR-HEAT is a durable stainless steel cylinder with double-walled spiral heat exchangers designed to recover the waste heat in a safe

and efficient manner, generating hot water at temperatures of up to 60°C. – Immersion heaters can then boost it up to 85°C

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