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So you’re setting up a food production area for your Restaurant, Hotel or Bar and now you find you need cold storage or freezer space for food prep and storage. If you are serious about your business, it is worth investing in a good commercial refrigerating unit.

1) Traps to avoid:

You might think you can save money by using residential or domestic fridges and freezers. This is NOT a good idea!

  • Firstly, size does matter and commercial fridges are designed to store more than domestic fridges,
  • Commercial Fridge are also designed to work at lower temperatures to keep your produce cooler for longer when you are opening and shutting the doors so often,
  • Commercial refrigerators are more powerful and will last longer in use. A broken down refrigerator that won’t cool your food is no good to anyone,
  • Most refrigeration engineers only specialise in Commercial Fridges so you may also have problems getting help when you need it.

2) Get the right size for your needs:

The size of commercial refrigerator you need depends on a number of things

  • Top of the list is the volume of produce you need to store,
  • Second but equally important is the space you have available to install the fridge,
  • This will regulate the frequency of deliveries needed for the turnover of your products,

Normally you can assume that the larger fridge the better, as businesses tend to grow and always seem to require storage for a growing capacity. Mind you, be aware that larger refrigerators use more power so push up your bills.

3) Can you see what you want?

Layout and lighting are important features. You need to be able to see AND reach the products you are after and whilst a walk-in cold room is the ideal choice, cabinet freezers work well too and it all depends on how much space you have.

4) Built-in Temperature Controls:

A built-in thermometer should be standard and it will save you a lot of trouble when checking that your food storage is at the right temperature. If you are dealing with items which need to be stored at or below a specific temperature, a fridge that displays the temperature for you is vital.

5) Reliability, Installation & Maintenance

Commercial Refrigerators require Professional Installation. You will need your fridge to be reliable so don’t risk any mishaps by trying to set it up yourself. Your installer will be responsible for the service and maintenance so it’s not a great idea to cheapskate in the installation.

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