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Air Conditioning Shropshire, SHREWSBURY Telford & mid-wales

air conDITIONING services Shropshire, Shrewsbury, Telford & Mid-Wales.

We supply and install air conditioning systems for small residential properties, large multi-storey developments and leisure centres, as well as everything in between. 

Our comprehensive installation service covers all of Shropshire and surrounding towns including Shrewsbury, Telford, Market Drayton, Whitchurch, Wrexham, Oswestry, Welshpool, Ludlow, Bridgnorth Stourbridge and Wolverhampton.

If you want comfortable sleeping temperatures on hot  summer nights or if you want to be able to use your conservatory all year round, then our Air Con Systems could be just right for you. Our Air Con Units deliver both Hot & Cold air as needed so cooling your home in the summer and warming it in the winter. Air Con is Ideal for Conservatories too.

The government has awarded a reduced rate of VAT (5%) to the supply and installation of heat pump air conditioning units in residential properties. Personal air conditioning is simple to install, unobtrusive and can help lower your carbon footprint. We install a range of units from top installers.

Air conditioning is ideal for Conservatories, Bedrooms, Kitchens, Loft conversions, Workshops, Garages and home offices.

Affordable Air Con in Shropshire, Shrewsbury, Telford and Mid-Wales

There is a common myth that domestic air conditioning is too expensive to justify in England. This is simply not true! 

Cutts Refrigeration’s air conditioning solutions in Shropshire are affordable and create a comfortable and welcoming home all year round – from those hot summer days to those random muggy nights where you just cant sleep.

If you are looking for Air Conditioning in Shropshire, get in touch today for a free estimation of your requirements and no obligation quote.

Interested in new air conDITIONING?

Efficient Air Con Systems can make your staff more comfortable and more productive with our air conditioning services. We install heat pump air conditioning and heat pump inverters that can be mounted upon walls or ceilings and are remote controlled. All our systems can be used to either cool or heat a room. Our air con systems are quiet, efficient and economical to run.

Cutts Refrigeration have been servicing customers for over 30 years, across Shropshire & the surrounding towns including:  Shrewsbury, Telford, Market Drayton, Whitchurch, Wrexham, Oswestry, Welshpool, Ludlow, Bridgnorth, Stourbridge, Wolverhampton,, and we would like to add your name to our list of satisfied customers. We are specialists in commercial refrigeration, commercial air conditioning, milk tanks, cellar cooling, fluid chillers and cold rooms. We provide service, sale and installation on all makes of equipment.

Cutts Refrigeration supply and fit both Domestic Air Con and Commercial Air Con Systems. So, what's the difference?

The primary differences between commercial and domestic air con (AC) systems stem from their design, capacity, complexity, and application. Here are the key distinctions:

1. **Capacity and Scale**
– **Commercial Air Con Systems**: Designed to cool larger spaces such as office buildings, factories, retail stores, and other commercial facilities. They have higher cooling capacities to handle the greater volume of air and larger areas.
– **Domestic Air Con Systems**: Designed for residential use, such as single-family homes or apartments. They have lower cooling capacities suitable for smaller spaces.

2. **Complexity and Design**
– **Commercial AC Systems**: Typically more complex, with advanced features to manage diverse cooling requirements across different zones within a building. They often include multi-zone systems, centralized control panels, and sophisticated HVAC management software.
– **Domestic AC Systems**: Simpler in design, usually with straightforward controls and fewer features. They might include window units, split systems, or central AC systems but generally lack the advanced zoning and control capabilities of commercial systems.

3. **Installation and Infrastructure**
**Commercial AC Systems**: Require more extensive infrastructure for installation, including larger ducts, more robust electrical systems, and potentially additional structural modifications. Installation is typically more labor-intensive and costly.
– **Domestic AC Systems**: Easier and quicker to install, often requiring less extensive modifications to the existing structure. Installation costs are generally lower.

4. **Maintenance and Durability**
– **Commercial AC Systems**: Built to withstand continuous, heavy use and designed for easier maintenance access. They often have more durable components and longer lifespans due to the higher demands placed on them.
– **Domestic AC Systems**: While durable, they are not designed for the same level of continuous operation and typically require less frequent but simpler maintenance.

5. **Energy Efficiency and Control**
– **Commercial AC Systems**: Typically include advanced energy management systems to optimize efficiency across large spaces and varying usage patterns. They may have features like variable refrigerant flow (VRF), automated control systems, and integration with building management systems (BMS).
– **Domestic AC Systems**: Focus on energy efficiency within smaller spaces, often through simpler mechanisms like programmable thermostats and energy-efficient units rated by organizations like Energy Star.

6. **Regulatory and Compliance Requirements**
– **Commercial AC Systems**: Must comply with more stringent regulations and standards regarding energy use, emissions, and safety. This includes compliance with commercial building codes and standards 
– **Domestic AC Systems**: Subject to residential building codes, which are generally less stringent than those for commercial systems.

7. **System Types and Components**
– **Commercial AC Systems**: Include a variety of system types such as rooftop units, chilled water systems, and large-scale heat pumps. Components are designed for scalability and integration into larger HVAC systems.
– **Domestic AC Systems**: Common types include central air conditioners, ductless mini-splits, and window units. Components are designed for individual or small-scale applications.

**Commercial AC Systems**: High capacity, complex, robust, designed for large spaces, and subject to stringent regulations.
**Domestic AC Systems**: Lower capacity, simpler, designed for small spaces, and subject to less stringent residential codes.

Understanding these differences can help you choose the right type of system for your specific needs, ensuring efficient and effective cooling whether it’s for a commercial facility or a home.

What is good to know though, is that because Cutts Refrigeration is qualified and experienced in commercial air con systems, they are best placed to use this knowledge and skill to recommend and supply the best domestic air con for your home.

Whilst we are based in Shrewsbury, Cutts Refrigeration’s engineers cover a wide area including all of Shropshire, so if you are looking for Air Con Shropshire, Air Con Shrewsbury, Air Con Telford etc, just give us a call: 01743 718871 or visit:


We supply air conditioning units from a range of manufacturers

Quiet and economical air con units

Ensuring that all of our air conditioning systems are of the highest quality and built to last, you can rest assured that your new air con unit will be quiet, efficient and economical to run.


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